Beauty Through the Ages: Olive Oil

It is known that olive oil is one of first products of agrarian revolution. Its history reaches back to 6,000 BCE. With this, it can be said history of olive oil is almost as old as humanity. Rumour has it that after being driven from the paradise for eating the forbidden fruit with Eve, Adam senses his death approaching at the age of 930, and decides to entreat God’s forgiveness for himself and humanity. He entrusts his son Seth for this duty and sends him to the Garden of Eden. For his prayer, the angel guarding the Garden gives Seth three seeds from the Tree of Good and Bad, and tells him to place the seeds in his father’s mouth before committing him to earth. A short while later Adam passes away and is laid to rest in Hebron Valley near Mount Tabor. The three trees that shoot from the resting place of Adam are olive, cedar and cypress. Thus, peace is made between God and man. Cultivation and care of olive tree is hard work. However, olive tree pays back this great effort with its generosity.

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