About Us

A place which crowns the 5000-year memory of Ancient Caria Civilization and the responsibility to become one of the most precious cities of the history in company with its magnificent geography… A paradise where the olive trees offering human life favour, health and flavour for approximately 8000 years open their arms openhandedly and extend their branches for peace… MİLAS

Our story is written in this precious geography as you see. When our founder Muhittin Felek whom believes in the olive tree and its miracles began his works in 1954 as one of the former entrepreneurs of the region, he looked kind of cognizant of that after 30 years, his son Hasan Felek would enlarge this entrepreneurship and exceed his own limits and this would become one of the most reliable brands subsequently…

The story which was initiated by Muhittin Felek has been making history with MANDALYA brand in conjunction with the views and works of Hasan Felek that catches the era since 2007.

MANDALYA, which is recognizant of the fact that one of the most significant dynamics of the establishment of healthy life in our country is nourishment, takes the following as its divine duty to increase the consumption of olive oil per person and to offer perfect olive oil without waiting by preserving its purity with the most natural state by way of using all the opportunities of the experience, consciousness, science and technology.